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About Us

Get Fresh is a Bath and Body business that began proudly serving our customers from our corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, California in the fall of 1997. We are a company that at our core is really in the customer service business; we just happen to sell the best smelling, Spa-strength, Botanical based products out there! Our passion lies in providing our customers with the very best in everything we do.

What We Believe

We are a company that believes in the dignity of all people, and that everyone should be treated exactly as we would like to be treated. This applies to our employees, our customers as well as all of our vendors or anyone else with whom we do business. And the quality of our bath and body products emulates the quality and care with which we believe all people are to be treated.

We believe that in order to continue to have a successful business we must have successful customers, and that by working together we can achieve those goals each and every day, because we believe healthy independent companies are what keep America strong. We pledge to continue our efforts to make very high quality products that are fairly priced, and to treat all of our customers with the dignity and respect they deserve. Lastly, we believe in America. We know just how blessed we are to have been fortunate enough to be born and raised in this amazing country, and we understand our responsibility to help one another succeed in all our endeavors.

We also believe that we have a responsibility to serve those that have allowed us to prosper in a peaceful nation as well as the less fortunate among us, and therefore we dedicate a portion of our sales to Military charities that help Wounded Warriors transition successfully back into civilian life with a rescued Service Dog, as well as donating to local charities that take care of people in need.

And we believe that we can do all of this while having fun!!

What We Do

We work hard and smart each day to make sure that you, our customers, are very happy not only with the wonderful products that we manufacture, but more importantly with the service that we provide. Our products do exactly what we say they’ll do, and we depend on your trust to keep our business thriving and going strong. As we develop new products we try very hard to meet your needs as well as be good shepherds of the earth by using components that are recyclable whenever we can. We love our customers and have been fortunate to serve many of them for more than 20 years.


Jim Palladino
CEO, Get Fresh