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army wife 101

Warrior Princess Bath Collection Gives Back To Troops Plus Full Giveaway!!!

If you’re a long time reader of Army Wife 101 then you know there are two things I indulge in. They are 80′s/90′s TV and long hot bubble baths once the kids are out the door to school. I start every morning with a bubble bath because that is my pampering time.

Recently I received a complimentary set of the new “Warrior Princess” line of bath products from the company Get Fresh. I was all over this because I love trying out new body washes and scrubs. Get Fresh is a family run business that creates botanical spa products all made right here in the good ole USA. They are big on helping our Veterans which is why I was happy to share the Warrior Princess line with you. Get Fresh donates more then 30% of the profits of sales from the Warrior Princess Bath Collection to Wounded Warriors and Healing 4 Heroes.

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