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all things beautiful

Sometimes you find a product that not only gives back, but is actually good for you! Over the years, I've been trying (TRYING) to switch over to more natural beauty products. I don't like the thought of putting so many icky things on my skin, you know? Well when the super sweet folks at Get Fresh sent me their sugar body scrub and body lotion from their new line, Warrior Princess, it seemed too good to be true. Not only is the Warrior Princess line formulated with no synthetic dyes, parabens, or sulfates, 10% of their entire sales benefit veterans of the US Military who have returned home with physical or psychological wounds. Um, how amazing is that??

Another amazing thing about Get Fresh is that the quality of their product is evident from the moment you take a whiff of the incredible Blackberry Vanilla scent. YUM. It is some of the best smelling bath product I've used in awhile. And that scrub? My skin is so smooth and soft that I don't even need to use the lotion (but what fun would that be? Plus, the lotion is SO good!). Based right here in SoCal, I'm so happy I found out about Get Fresh and I encourage you to get to know them, too!

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  • Posted on   12/20/13 at 01:12:26 AM   by Chad  | 
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katey 08/24/17 11:26:35 AM

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Nate 02/19/18 12:46:16 PM

I like more hygienic products rather then just good smelling ones. The warrior princess bathing and showering gel and the moisturizer is my sort of thing. The jewelry is ok but not that attractive for my essay for me

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