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stephanie louise - Amazing Gifting Ideas from Get Fresh, Spa Products that Give Back!

If you caught my post called My Top 10 Random Gifting Guide for Holiday 2013 + Giveaway! then you probably got all excited about the Get Fresh products I've been prepping to review! I have two sets to show- both of them are amazing gift ideas for year round. I think these hold a special place in my heart because they donate a portion of their proceeds to Military charities that help Wounded Warriors transition successfully back into civilian life. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the Get Fresh Look Better Naked body set in Grapefruit & the Get Fresh Warrior Princess Foot Kit in Blackberry Vanilla & an awesome discount code!

About Get Fresh- get fresh is a family run business that began proudly serving our customers from our corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, California in the fall of 1997. We are a company that at our core is really in the customer service business; we just happen to sell the best smelling, spa-strength, botanical based products there are! We work each and every day to make sure that you, our customers, are extremely happy with all of the products that we’ve created and the friendly and knowledgeable service that we provide. At get fresh there is no smoke and mirrors; our products do exactly what we say they’ll do. Your satisfaction and happiness are the most important things to us, and we depend on your trust to keep us going strong.

Source: This entry was posted on Monday, December 03, 2013 on visit: Stephanie louise All Things Beautiful