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Prime Beauty's - Top 10 Stocking Stuffer features our Warrior Princess Foot Kit.

I have to admit, I love buying stocking stuffers the best so I was excited to do this this Top 10 Stocking Stuffer post. Miniatures are the best–there’s just something about a tiny version of the real thing that’s appealing. I try to mix a little bit of tradition into my stockings–the person’s favorite candy, some practical things (here’s where the mini’s come in) like travel size shampoo, conditioner, perfume/cologne samples, etc. and I try to keep the each item at $25 or less. Here is my beauty stocking stuffer list for this year. Make sure to see the rest of our awesome bloggers lists too: I’m sure you’ll get some inspiration!.

Warrior Princess Foot Kit ($19.99) - With every purchase of the Warrior Princess Bath and Body line, a donation of 10% of sales (33% of profits) goes to Healing4Herores, an Atlanta charity that saves and trains rescue dogs to become service dogs to assist wounded vets. The Warrior Princess lines features a fab Blackberry Vanilla scent in several different products. The foot kit includes: Blackberry Vanilla scrub, Rescue Me Foot Repair Cream, Rich Body Cream and a pumice stone all in a darling print bag. You can purchase the Warrior Princess line at

Source: This entry was posted on Thursday, December 05, 2013 on visit: Prime Beauty Blog