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Look better naked…Sounds like something everyone wants, right? Luckily for all my lovely readers, I have a giveaway to announce that will do just that! I had the pleasure of working with Get Fresh, a family-run business (based in Santa Monica, CA) that sells delicious smelling, spa-strength, botanical-based bath and body products. I recently tested out their Lemongrass Look Better Naked Spa Body treatment kit. It comes in this adorable little terrycloth pouch and contains 3 products: mineral body scrub, mineral body mask, and rich body creme. The smell is simply wonderful, and I am pretty particular about scents. With the goal to look better naked in mind, I set out to test this trio of products.

Being that it is a 3-step process, it is not for the day you just need a quick shower. Use it on a day you want to treat yourself! The body scrub is great because we should all exfoliate more to get rid of that lackluster skin. Putting on the body mask felt very luxurious because usually at-home masks are reserved for the face. When you wash off steps 1 and 2 and come out of the shower for step 3 (the body creme), your skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom!!. Did I look better naked? You be the judge… just kidding, I will not be posting any naked photos today (or ever). BUT wait! Get Fresh is giving one Twirly Skirts reader a Look Better Naked kit! Just make sure to follow Twirly Skirts and Get Fresh on Facebook, stating that you did so in the comments below! The winner will be announced one week from today (12/12). Good luck!

Source: This entry was posted on Thursday, December 05, 2013 on visit: twirlySKIRTS

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