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Hello Marybeth!

As I close out, I just had to write this. A gentleman came in last week and bought his wife the Warrior Princess lotion. We found out during that visit that he had just returned from serving 4 years in Afghanistan. His wife was 2 doors down buying take out Chinese so he ran over to get her something. While here he told us a little about his tour and his skin was horrific from the sand and when he left a silence fell in the boutique. Well, last night at our Muff N' Booty Parlor Girls Night Out Valentine Party (say that fast 4 times) he returned with his 6 sisters. Well, they bought well over $500 of the Warrior Princess Line so I'll be placing an order next week. He said that because of what you're doing, he couldn't see buying anything else because our men are in need.

I'm so proud to represent this line and just wanted you and the company to know that what you're doing is awesome and is touching so many people that you'll never meet. He said that he's sending his entire regiment in and has spread the word for all who served to come in and buy Warrior Princess here at my boutique. So with that said, I'm gearing up for a Warrior Princess night! Thank you for this wonderful line and for allowing me to display and sell this line. Thank you and good night. Have a great weekend.

Darlene O'Hara Owner Darlene's Bath & Body Lounge 707 Milford Road, Unit 3A Merrimack, NH 03054 603-809-4677

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