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Holiday Gift Guide: Get Fresh... For The Holidays!

I really look forward to having "me" time. Because I am always home with the kids (we homeschool) I look forward to evenings when I can be alone with my thoughts. I enjoy using products that do double duty. I want them to pamper my skin and help me relax and enjoy my time. Recently, I was treated to products from Get Fresh. They created a deliciously scented Warrior Princess! Warrior Princess is a line of wonderfully smelling, botanically based bath & body products that have a luscious profusion of Blackberry and Vanilla, spiked with a zesty hint of lemon, bergamot and peach. Warrior Princess products are dedicated to helping the men and women in the United States Military who have sustained physical and/or psychological wounds while protecting our freedoms every day, and they contain no parabens, no synthetic dyes and no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates.I tried their line of Warrior Princess bath and body products and fell in love with the scent of Blackberry Vanilla. It smelled good enough to eat! Overall, it is very fruity and sweet. It's long lasting and not overpowering. The Creamy Body Wash didn't dry my skin and the Sugar Body Scrub worked well. My skin, which is normally dry (even after using "moisturizing products") during Winter, was moisturized and glowing! I love the Rich Body Creme! I was velvety soft after each use! That's not all. I couldn't stop rubbing my hands together because they were so soft, even after washing dishes! The Nourishing Hand Creme works miracles! I really need to buy a bottle to put next to my kitchen sink. I usually try products to review on my blog and move on, but this is a line that I will be buying in the future. I love it! I only wished they offered a linen or room spray in this fragrance!

I also tried the Kyoto Bubble Bath. The bottle is gorgeous (and beautifully boxed) and it would make a stunning gift. It's Black Current scented and very luxurious. It produces a lot of bubbles and it softened my skin. The scent didn't linger on my skin as long as I would have liked, but is was a great aromatherapy experience. It's a large bottle and since it's priced under $30, it's a product that I would buy in the future. I would probably pick out a different scent next time, though. Kyoto was good, but the candle I reviewed was better and that scent is available as a bubble bath! The Paris Scented Soy Candle, White Fleurs, is intoxicating! I burned it for hours at a time and it lasted over a week. I dipped my fingertips into the melted candle and rubbed it into my hands and enjoyed my wonderful "bonus"! The candle scented my entire living and dining rooms and it was enjoyed by all. Even the guys in my life didn't have a problem with it being too girlie. Even if they did, I would (and will) get this again. It was exceptional!

I also received the Baby Keepsakes Travel & Storage Bag. It is really lovely and the perfect wrapping for a special baby gift! It's a generous size and it will hold a special stuffed toy or other keepsake. It's also large enough for diapers/wipes and clothes for a short weekend trip. Get Fresh is dedicated to raising both money for and awareness of the Wounded Warrior Project. WWP aims to help returning soldiers who have physical and/or psychological injuries reintegrate successfully back into our society so they may have the wonderful, fulfilling and happy lives that they certainly deserve, especially after sacrificing so much for our own freedoms. Get Fresh donates 10% of all sales to the WWP and are slowly transitioning their entire company to be a company of service, making sure that in the near future everything that is purchased here will help a fellow human being somewhere else. Check them out!

Girls under 7 should avoid (or limit) bubble baths due to increased risk of urinary tract (or other) infections and irritations. Use with caution.

Disclosure: I was sent these products in order to complete this review. I have a new favorite candle scent and a new bath and body fragrance thanks to this review! I highly recommend giving them a try! Only honest opinions given.

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