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featured on PrettyCity Holiday Must Haves

snapshot of Pretty City Blog about Holiday Must Haves 2010

It's that time of year again to show those close to you just how much they mean to you. And while the Holidays can be stressful just trying to figure out what to give that special someone, we've rounded up a list of our Holiday Must Haves! Below are our choices of perfect gifts for the season. Also, enter for a chance to win one Holiday Must Have for yourself!

Get Fresh: Look Better Naked Treatment Set $29.80

Some of the best parts of the Holiday season are all the great dresses you get to wear for the celebrations. What better way to prepare for all the fun then with the Look Better Naked set from Get Fresh? Created to target dry skin – thank you, winter – these products exfoliate, detoxify, and moisturize your skin to get ready for dancing, schmoozing and all around reveling. Even better? You can party guilt free – this Holiday Must Have uses no parabens, synthetic dyes, or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates!

The Get Fresh Look Better Naked Treatment Set is available at

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