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Special Sales: Three Custom Color and Get Fresh

snapshot of Canadian Beauty Blog about sugar body scrubI haven’t had a chance to review Get Fresh’s amazing body care products on Bionic Beauty yet, but I have their Paris body lotion, Relief for Tattered Tootsies foot care pack, and their Look Better Naked body care pack (which contains the Mineral Body Mask in Grapefruit, pictured below… it’s sooooo soothing on my skin!). It’s rare that a body care product makes me swoon, but I’m in love!

So if you want to join in my Get Fresh love fest- from now through May 10th shop for your mom (or yourself!) and enter code MOTHER2010 body scrub with dead sea saltto get special discounts on their Luxury Luxury Bubble Baths, Diffusers, Scrubs, Masks and Body Butters.

Get Fresh is a family-run company with adorable packaging; customer service that is above and beyond (which let’s face it… is a rare thing these days.); and products that are not only fun, but perform! I’m currently longing for their cute totes and cosmetics bags so I can travel in fashion!

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Genesis 08/07/17 02:13:54 PM

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Williams 08/11/17 11:17:59 AM

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Sean 08/24/17 09:56:57 AM

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