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Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK Program

We at Get Fresh were lucky enough to be given an opportunity to provide some gift baskets for two very deserving young ladies that we are extremely proud of. They are both participating in the Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK Program.  Congratulations Lisa and Severa!!!!

If you’d like to find out more about WWP or donate your time or money to helping these wonderful people achieve their goals, please click on the link below.

Get Fresh gives gift baskets to two very deserving young ladies that we are extremely proud of. They are both participating in the Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK Program.

Lisa  Crutch (left)

Lisa Crutch is a former Army Sergeant and a native of Queens, New York. She suffered multiple injuries including a TBI and PTSD while bravely serving her country. Currently she’s a full-time student and participant of Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK program.  Lisa has said “WWP has helped in ways I couldn’t explain, they have been a light in a tunnel of darkness.&rdquo

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and talking with her friends in her spare time. Her future plans include furthering her education once she completes WWP’s TRACK program.

Severa  Rodriquez  (right)

Marine Corps Sergeant Severa Rodriquez knows this and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) all too well. Back home, Severa discovered first-hand how difficult the adjustment to civilian life can be when you’ve dedicated your heart to the military.

After participating in Wounded Warrior Project’s Project Odyssey, an outdoor rehabilitative retreat for warriors dealing with combat stress, Severa enrolled in TRACK, where she is taking college classes with other wounded warriors. The experience has made her socialize more and is helping to shape her post-military future.

“I really want to work with Wounded Warrior Project. The program is awesome. I want to volunteer and help other people out.  That way I know I'm here for a cause. I'm here to help others.”

For more information about the Wounded Warrior Project please visit our website at

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