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Our good friends Kathi George and Steve Conforti were nice enough to invite our family to the Indy 500 over the Memorial Day weekend, and what an unbelievable thrill it was! There’s nothing like seeing a truly American spectacle like the Indy 500 from the inside. Thanks Kathi and Steve!!!!

The day before the race

We got to go backstage as ZZ TOP played to over 80,000 people on the interior grass of the 2.5 mile track. They were Awesome!!! Looks like Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill were having a good time.

 Frank Beard seems to be doing all right back there on the drums.

We were close enough to touch Billy Gibbons!!! Check out the “truck exhaust Mike-stand!”

Next it was raceday!!!

Before the race our boys just had to have some White Castle Burgers!!

When we arrived at the track there was a Scottish Band marching through the parking lot.

As we walked through Gasoline Alley that morning there were last minute preparations going on. 

It’s amazing just how small those car cockpits are for the drivers.

Our son Jack got to walk around the famous‘Gasoline Alley’

I know he wanted to jump into this car and just take off!

I wonder how this truck will do.

They had some of the hall of fame cars lined up at the starting line when we arrived.

 I would have loved to take this one out for a spin.

Dylan ran into some wonderful sailors while we were checking out Pit Row prior to the race.

Not a bad way to spend your Sunday, huh Dylan???

“Get your car parts here. Car parts!!!”

It was pretty awesome to realize I was actually standing on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Here comes last year’s winner, Helio Castroneves.

There’s his car!!!

There’s Danica Patrick’s car.

It’s time for me to touch the ‘brickyard’ before the race.


This is the building called the Pagoda, where we are lucky enough to be watching the race from. Up there on the second floor, just above the start/finish line. Unbelievable!!!!

So we went upstairs,  looked across the track and guess who we saw? Jack Nicholson, Lakers cap and all. He was there to officially start the race.

“You want me at this race!!”            “You need me at this race!!”

All the cars are lined up and it’s time to sing ‘God Bless America’

Hey, that’s Florence Henderson, Mrs. Brady herself, singing just below us!!!!!

Time to start the race!!!

Here they come, all lined up and ready to officially start when they see that green flag.

Looks like Jack’s got the flag thing down!

Once the race began guess who I got to meet? Florence Henderson, someone I watched on TV when I was growing up. Unreal! It’s the story of a lovely lady…………

And now it’s time for some of the drivers to hit the pits!!

OOPS! Has anyone seen my wheel????

What’s a race without a couple of wrecks.

Looks like it’s time for the checkered flag.

And Dario Franchitti wins!!!   Not bad for a nice Italian boy from Scotland.

Somebody’s crew is happy!

After his victory lap, Dario hugs Danica Patrick while his wife, Ashley Judd, looks on. Not a bad day for him, winning over $2.8 million.

Guess who was waiting for us when we got back to California?? Hello there, Charlie!!!