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Get Fresh - Fragrances

Our fragrances are intended to enhance your life, not overpower it. Choose from our signature blends of citrus, fruity, green, and floral notes.

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Fragrances - Blackberry Vanilla
Blackberry and Vanilla, spiked with a zesty hint of lemon, bergamot and peach. Other get fresh luxurious fragrances that you may also be interested in starfruit , black currant , grapefruit...More Details »
Fragrances - Black Currant
Exotic, sensual and enticing describe the intoxicating essence of ripe plum and juicy black currant, wrapped in touches of shimmering grapefruit and zesty tangerine. Other get fresh luxurious...More Details »
Fragrances - Grapefruit
Juicy, refreshing, exhilarating California Grapefruit is blended with French Cassis and embraced by notes of Rose, Georgia Peach and Sweet Plum. Other get fresh luxurious fragrances that you...More Details »
Fragrances - Lemongrass
An uplifting, energizing, and invigorating aroma of refreshing lemongrass with a touch of lavender and lemon oil. This fragrance is our same signature fragrance, lemongrass lavender! We only...More Details »
Fragrances - Orange Blossom
Intoxicating scent of orange blossoms and delicate florals of ylang-ylang and jasmine. Other get fresh luxurious fragrances that you may also be interested in starfruit , black currant ,...More Details »
Fragrances - Peppermint
A cool and sensual fragrance with notes of Peppermint, Lime Peel, Spearmint, Eucalyptus Leaf and Lemongrass, it will help to keep you cool even during stressful times! This popular fragrance is a...More Details »
Fragrances - Starfruit
A fresh, playful, lively, and delightful fragrance created with sweet touches of sun-kissed starfruit, Bartlett pear and delicate orange blossoms. Other get fresh luxurious fragrances that you...More Details »
Fragrances - White Fleurs
Romantic bouquet of jasmine, white flowers, orange flowers, red rose, and sensual sheer white musk, and vanilla. Other get fresh luxurious fragrances that you may also be interested in...More Details »

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Why Buy

Who we are

We believe it’s as important to know who you are doing business with as it is what you are buying. »

We are a company that believes in God and the dignity of all people, and that everyone should be treated exactly as we ourselves would like to be treated. This applies to our employees, our customers as well as our vendors and anyone else with whom we do business. We believe the quality of our bath and body products should emulate the quality and care with which we believe all people should be treated.

We believe that in order to continue to have a successful business we must have successful customers, and that by working together we can achieve those goals each and every day. Because healthy independent companies are what keep America strong. We pledge to continue our efforts to make extremely high quality products that are fairly priced, and to treat all of our customers with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Lastly, we believe in America . We know just how blessed we are to have been fortunate enough to be born and raised in this amazing country, and we understand our responsibility to help one another succeed in all our endeavors.

Quality Ingredients

At get fresh we combine natural botanicals with the power of advanced body care technology in all of our spa quality products. »

We utilize the highest quality ingredients in our bath and body products, such as blue green marine algae, Shea and jojoba butters and aloe vera, as well as a myriad of exquisite extracts and antioxidants to help hydrate your skin and keep it feeling soft, smooth & supple.

Our get fresh Santa Monica, FEET, Warrior Princess and Joan product lines all are formulated without Phthalates, Sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, and we work hard to bring you, our customers, the very best bath and body products with outstanding ingredients that will help bring the comfort and experience of a Spa into your daily routine.

Helping Others

We are very much aware that the only reason that we have had the opportunity to begin and sustain »

a successful bath and body business for over 18 years is because there are thousands of men and women in the United States Military who protect the rest of us, keeping our country safe and peaceful every day. We are dedicated to helping these wonderful and selfless people as we move forward, and therefore we donate a share of our sales to help wounded veterans successfully reintegrate back into society.

We also support local charities that assist the less fortunate among us because we understand that even on our worst day we are better off than many of those around us.

Family Owned

We’ve all read about companies that were started in someone’s garage; well that’s exactly how get fresh got our start! »

We began in 1997 in our backyard garage in Pacific Palisades, California by being one of the first companies in the U.S. to develop a line of natural vegetable based soaps as well as a fantastic and fun assortment of fizzie bombs for the bath. Over the past 18 years we’ve developed into a successful bath and body business, selling our spa quality botanical products in many countries, catering not only to high end Spas, Resorts and Salons, but more importantly, to average Americans looking for great products at fair prices.

Along the way we haven’t lost our family-run philosophy. My three boys grew up helping out in the warehouse, my sister is the dynamo behind sales and customer service, my Dad comes in to give a hand when he can, and through the years we’ve had a number of family members come and help us out when we needed it most.

We know the importance of family and treasure it every day, and knowing this, we try to make your experience with our company one where you’ll feel right at home.

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